Exploring 5 of the most bizarre GTA 6 map leaks

Exploring 5 of the most bizarre GTA 6 map leaks

Exploring 5 of the most bizarre GTA 6 map leaks

5 most bizarre GTA 6 map leaks (Image via GTA 6 News)

There have been constant tidbits surfacing on the internet considering the upcoming GTA 6 launch. As for its map, if you see it in a chronological sequence, there was speculation of the setting being Vice City, Liberty City, or a mini version of the whole United States. At present, many fans still believe that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be based in Vice City or the city of Miami, Florida. No official confirmation is out yet.

Apart from all this, the bizarre map leaks are one fascinating segment that fans can look into for fun. With that being said, let’s look at the top five bizarre GTA 6 map leaks so far.

Top 5 bizzare GTA 6 leaks so far

5) Map Leak (2018)

Amidst the location rumors of GTA 6, the first bizarre map was leaked in December 2018. Two images were leaked on Twitter from an account named ‘nineteeneightyfive.’ The first image was inferred to be a satellite view of Vice City or Miami with an island on the right, and the second image displayed three vectors.

The first half rendered image of the first, the second image showed the neighboring islands around the supposedly guessed Vice City or Miami map, and the third was the zoomed-in image of the first bird-view map.

The map resurfaced again on October 9, 2020, and with a much clearer view. If compared to the earlier leaked map, players can see slight changes from the earlier vector images. Many have speculated it to be a map of South America.

4) Map Leak (2021)

Last year, a map for GTA 6 was leaked on YouTube in 2021. The leaked footage resembled a legit map with almost all the necessary details, but it looked unfinished. The map menu and movements resembled the actual game and looked similar to Vice City. Compared to the GTA 5 map, it was a bit bigger.

The reasons why the map was considered bizarre were the map menu that looked similar to the previous game’s map, poorly designed streets, and the use of weird fonts. Moreover, the map did not give the HD Universe vibes to most enthusiasts. No further information about the channel is available, and the original video has been deleted.

3) Fred’s Fun World Map Leak (2021)

The individual who leaked another 2021 map of GTA 6 was created by Fred’s Fun World Map.

This is one of the most detailed map leaks so far. It had the Rockstar Games satire we could see in its games, and the map resembled that of Disney Amusement Park. It seems like it was leaked from a developer computer that was working on it.

The most bizarre part was when one user placed Fred’s Fun World on the 2021 Leaked Map, and it fitted perfectly. It created a bridge between the believers and the non-believers until the day the leaker themself revealed that it was all fake, and they shall strike again with such maps.

2) BOCO Map Leak 1

BOCO, a Portugal-based leaker, has come to the limelight due to his tweets regarding the upcoming GTA 6 maps. His leaked maps seem to be relatively questionable, and the information provided is quite contradictory to the actual versions of the game.

The map leaked by him looks quite plausible when one sees it for the first time. It shows only a fraction of the city. According to him, the other maps that went online relating to Grand Theft Auto 6 are not genuine, and the ones uploaded by him are real. It resembles the city of Rio de Janeiro.

It eventually came into the limelight as it was entirely a hoax.

1) BOCO Map Leak 2

Another GTA 6 map leak comes from BOCO, and it seems more bizarre than the previous one. This second map leak was quite similar to the first one and resembled the city of Cali. Cali is a city in the southwestern part of Columbia.

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