GTA 6 trailer might be arriving soon, says Rockstar Games insider

GTA 6 trailer might be arriving soon, says Rockstar Games insider

GTA 6 trailer might be arriving soon, says Rockstar Games insider

Another GTA rumor has caught the attention of the community (Images via GTA 6 News)

Rumors and leaks surrounding GTA 6 have been spreading around the internet in full force since the official announcement of its development back in February.

Most of these leaks and rumors can be easily dispelled as fake information, but there are always other rumors that people tend to believe more.

In reality, every type of rumor and leak will never be official until it comes from Rockstar Games themselves, but there is still a chance to at least get some sort of hint from these unofficial rumors, but again they should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Recently, one of the industry’s insiders, Chris Klippel, tweeted out something regarding GTA 6’s trailer release date, which has started some discussion among GTA fans.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s subjective opinion.

GTA 6 trailer might be released soon, according to a insider’s tweet

The aforementioned tweet roughly translates to (via Twitter):

“Obviously, an announcement is preparing. I don’t know yet when, or what it will concern, but it would be “a new project”. It can happen relatively quickly.”

Many similar tweets have claimed that GTA 6’s trailer is going to drop soon, but this tweet by Chris Klippel has created more hype and speculation than all of those previous tweets, as Chris himself is a pretty popular journalist known for providing mostly accurate information regarding the gaming industry.

But there is still more uncertainty with this claim, as he has not cited any official source to back up his claim. Further, the vagueness of his tweet is also to be noted. While most fans can imagine that the title might be released this year, as it is not new information that the community has not heard before. However, this tweet has sparked discussion only because it was tweeted by an insider.

When a fan spoke about the rumor that GTA 6 was the only game Rockstar Games are focusing on, Chris had this reply to this statement:

This tweet roughly translates to (via Twitter):

“Only game in production!?”

Again, it should be noted that the tweet does not explain everything, but it does point towards the idea that multiple games are in production, and Rockstar is not solely focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Even though this tweet cannot be proven to be entirely accurate, there is still a high chance that there will at least be some sort of a teaser or trailer for the new game, so this tweet might not be wrong with its claim.

It is important to take everything with an analytical look, especially when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans are already very excited to see this upcoming game, and sometimes it is easy to forget that false information has constantly been spread around social media.

For now, this tweet still has some validity, but which could be attributed to its ambiguousness. In the end, it’s just up to the fans to decide what they think of it.

GTA 6 trailer might be arriving soon, says Rockstar Games insider

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